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AltoAir II Copper
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AltoAir II Copper

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Stronger. Lighter

The AltoAir II is an upgrade to the first generation AltoAir. Maintaining the same minimal design to ensure the coffee filter doesn’t stick to the walls, reducing clogging and improving the consistency of your coffee.

AltoAir II is made from aircraft grade Aluminium with an anodised copper finish. At a mere 36gms it is 40% lighter and 50% stronger than the first AltoAir, maintaining it’s shape perfectly and making it great for coffee shops and travel.

AltoAir, the original coffee brewer without walls. Patented design.

Pour over coffee brewing can yield amazing results, but many people find the filter papers stick to the walls of the brewer and block up. This makes it impossible to control the flow rate and results in inconsistent extraction.

So we removed the walls altogether, supporting the filter with minimal structure and surrounding it with air. The patented design of AltoAir™ means flow is unrestricted. This gives you consistent extraction every time.

Using and caring for your AltoAir II Copper.

Use straight onto a cup or with your favorite coffee brewing carafe to enjoy consistent and unhindered coffee extraction.

Brewing for more than one? Use with the Bairro Alto Conical Coffee Flask to create a stylish drip decanter.

AltoAir II is not designed to be collapsed and this shouldn't be attempted. Compatible with V60 size 02 and Chemex filters.

AltoAir™ is made from anodised aluminium. Clean after each use with a soft cloth and water.  

EU Design registration 002456665-0001
US patent D753,955S

Included: AltoAir™ filter and base.